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Facebook have been around for more than 15 years and in the last decade it has become the most important social network in the world. The creation of Mark Zuckerberg have 2.50 billion monthly active users and that is something that no one can beat today.

And partly the success of the service is due to the many postings that its users do. Photos, messages, comments and, of course, videos. But even with the popularity of videos on Facebook, you need a Facebook video downloader to be able to download them.

Our team offers you the best FB video downloader you can imagine. Are you ready to download videos nonstop?

How to download videos from Facebook (in HD)?

You may find other tools to help you to discover how to download videos from Facebook, but we can assure you that our one is the best. Our service works at maximum speed, offers absolute security and is a Facebook video downloader HD, so you can download the videos in high image quality.

As if this were not enough, you can use this free downloader on any type of device with the greatest performance.

Four steps. That is all you need to use our Facebook video downloader and download any file you find on the social network. Also, these are four very simple steps. We explain them below so you can know what to do at all times to save facebook videos immediately.

Step 1: Find the video on Facebook.com

If you are like us and you have hundreds of friends or you are following tons of pages, you will need a downloader for PC/MAC or other devices because you will have so many videos to watch that sometimes you will lose sight of them within your news wall.

So the first time you see a Facebook video that interests you, you will have to act quickly to download Facebook video on iPhone or Android with our tool.

Step 2: Copy the url

To copy the URL, the method is different depending on whether you use a PC or Mac computer or if what you have is a mobile device, such as an Android smartphone or iPhone.

step 2 to download facebook videos
  • ➡️ Computer: in the case of wanting to download videos to computer, the process is faster. You just have to load the video, press the right mouse button and choose the “Copy video URL” option.
  • ➡️ Android/iPhone: in the case of wanting to download a video in for Android, the way to copy the URL will be by opening the social network application by tapping on Share and then tapping Copy Link.

The next step you will have to do, will be to paste the copied url in the converter. Let’s see how!

Step 3: Paste the url

The next step is to take the URL that we have copied to the text box that our tool has at the top of the page. It is the blank space that is very similar to the system with which we search in Google.

step 3 - paste the url in FeisDownloader
  • ➡️ Computer: inside what we have to do is use the Paste function. If we are using the downloader with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on a PC or Mac, the action to be performed is to press the right mouse button and choose “Paste”.
  • ➡️ Android/iPhone: if you’re doing the process on your mobile device, the paste method is based on holding the screen for a few seconds and when the menu appears, choose the Paste command.

Now, the last step is to download the video to our computer or smartphone. Ready?

Step 4: Save your Facebook video in MP4

There is no doubt, the best thing about using FeisDownloader is that you can download the facebook video in MP4 to watch it whenever you need it.

step 4 - download facebook video in HD (mp4)

When you click on the “Download” button, the download will begin and the file will be stored on your device in MP4 format. So you will have the guarantee of saving the video on your device with the best quality, just as we promised.

FeisDownloader is 100% Free

The FeisDownloader application is completely free. Also no registration is required for its use.

Compatible with iOS/Android

You can use it on your PC/MAC as well as on your mobile devices (Iphone or Android).

Download FB videos easily

The platform is very easy to use. Copy the url, paste it into the converter and download your file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surely you have all wondered how I download videos from Facebook.com and perhaps you have found tools that dont work in a convenient way. In our service everything is easy to use and we offer full capacity to get any FB video. To resolve doubts now we will answer the most common questions.

Is our FB Video Downlader free?

Using Facebook is free, so our system is also free. You don't have to pay anything. There is no download limit. There is no usage time. There is nothing that leads you to have to pay to enjoy a better service, because we offer the best downloader on the Internet for free.

Where are the videos stored after downloading them?

If you are used to making downloads, you will know that all devices have a predefined folder in which the files that we download are stored. Its there where the videos you get with this Facebook converter in Firefox or any other browser will also be stored. For more comfort you can change the download folder in the options of your device.

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

To download live video from Facebook on Android, iPhone or computers, what you have to do is be patient until the end of the broadcast. Hang in there. This is because it is not possible to download live videos. You have to wait for the moment when it has finished and then download it in the same way in which we have taught you to download the other videos.

Does FeisDownloader.com work for Android/iPhone?

You can download video on iphone or Android without any obstacle. The experience is practically the same as if you use the Facebook video converter in Firefox or other browsers on computers. The operation is perfect and we take care to ensure that this is the fastest application you can use. You just have to try it to find out that we are not exaggerating.

Does our app keep a copy of downloaded videos?

Never. We take user privacy very seriously. Facebook.com also struggles to maintain the anonymity and privacy of some of its posts if users want to do it. We give props to Facebook because they do a very good job in this regard and we want to follow their good example.